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Arizona Professional Learning Series

The Arizona Professional Learning Series (AZPLS) provides research-based strategies that are aligned with the Arizona ELA Standards and includes the school community in increasing literacy achievement for all students. Every part of the professional learning series will empower students to be successful learners in a safe, supportive, and inclusive learning environment.

The AZPLS is not another initiative. It is professional learning that will support the Arizona English Language Arts Standards, enhance current initiatives, and provide guidelines to continue that work. The AZPLS focuses on strategies for all students in grades 4-8, including students with specific learning disabilities, and all classes, including the content areas. To support the systems change foundation, the strategies can be adapted and introduced in the primary grades. All grades within a school should participate in the AZPLS.

AZPLS Modules

The module organization provides the structure for increasing knowledge and skills of all staff, students, and parents. Each module provides modeling, active participation, and guided planning for next-day application. Guided collaboration, action planning, and coaching promote sustainable implementation in an inclusive learning environment.

ADE provides each module package that includes the presentation, facilitator guide, participant packet with handouts, posters, activities, parent modules to share strategies, and technical assistance to support leadership and school staff facilitating the modules. The Arizona Professional Learning Series Module Overview provides the module topics with a brief description for each module.

AZPLS Program Design

Systems change connects the district, school staff, students, and parents. The AZPLS Program Design is rooted in systems change. Six systems are embedded into the modules to support sustainable implementation. All Professional Learning interconnects with Leadership, Coaching, Teams, Data, and Action Planning to reinforce the teaching and learning strategies that will increase literacy achievement for every student in every class.

AZPLS Websites

The Arizona Professional Learning Series offers two websites for participating schools. The websites are linked together seamlessly so schools can access the high quality professional learning supported by data collection and analysis. The Arizona Professional Learning Series website provides:

The Arizona Professional Learning Series Data Portal provides:

Technical Assistance and Coaching Support

The Arizona Department of Education provides technical assistance to district leaders, school leaders, and coaches. Additional ADE coaching support scaffolds data collection, data analysis, and job embedded professional learning aligned to the AZPLS Action Plan. ADE offers technical assistance to school facilitators to ensure they are prepared to present the modules and support the learning.

AZPLS Implementation with Sustainability

The AZPLS modules are facilitated by a teacher leader on staff at each school or district. Between module presentations, time must be allotted for initial strategy implementation and support for teachers, practice with specific teaching and learning strategies, and plans for sustaining the strategy use. Options are available to meet any need.

Option 1: Year 1: Leadership Training, Modules 1-3. Year 2: Modules 4-6

Option 2: Year 1: Leadership Training, Modules 1-3. Year 2: Modules 4-5. Year 3: Module 6

Option 3: Year 1: Leadership Training, Modules 1-2. Year 2: Modules 3-4. Year 3: Modules 5-6

The Arizona Department of Education provides all materials and technical assistance at no charge. Stipends may be available to allow staff to attend modules and meetings outside of the workday and to support Parent Meetings with interpreters and child care expenses Imagine everyone in your school collaboratively working to increase student literacy achievement. The AZPLS will transform your school community!

For more information, please contact:
Stacy Riccio
ESS/PLS Lead Program Specialist